We have many different goat related products. All of these products are hand prepared with the best of care and produced locally and sustainably. For any interested person we can provide you with a short tour of our farm! All tours are family friendly and are especially great for children in the springtime when there are kids (the baby goat kind) running around.

Goat Milk Soap

Currently found in Alameda Art LabDaisy’s, Bio Fuel Oasis, Julies Coffee and Tea Garden!

Soap  is $8.00 for a 4-5oz bar and can be ordered for pickup online

Raw Goat Milk Shares

Currently not available.

Goat Cheese Shares

Currently not available. 

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Rent a goat (or two, or three… Parties, Yard Upkeep, and More!)

Currently not available.

Garden Fertilizer (Goat Manure)    

Currently not available.

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